We have significant capability and a record of successfully handling all classes of property claims, including extensive strata claim experience. These claims are handled by our Property Adjusters, most of whom are Chartered and/ or tertiary qualified.


Our qualified Adjusters across Australia have extensive expertise and record of accomplishment in handling claims in all property classes. YDR’s capabilities allow us to add significant value to handling claims, ranging from large Household, all nature of Body Corporate, SME, through to multi-million dollar Industrial claims. Our team, which includes specialist Adjusters, enables us to verify scope and pricing to validate any claim. We have been called upon by multiple insurers to handle property losses due to catastrophic events such as bushfires, cyclones, severe storms and floods across Australia.

While many of our Adjusters have experience handling property claims, we do have a team who specialise in these types of claims. Contact us now for more information on YDR’s Property capability.

Public & Products Liability

We have significant capability and a record of accomplishment in handling all classes of liability claims. This is supported by many of our liability adjusters being Chartered and/or legally qualified.


YDR adjusters have experience in the following areas:

  • Public Liability
  • Personal Injury
  • Product Liability and Recalls
  • Professional Indemnity

Construction & Contract Works

YDR specialise in major construction projects and have adjusted construction losses involving roads, bridges, shoring and building collapses, commercial high rise, hull construction, dams, water supply and wastewater projects. 

Our expertise includes:

  • performing detailed costings and preparation of bill of quantities.
  • material damage and public and professional Liability risks.
  • handling claims of all sizes in this category of business with experienced staff available nationally.
  • handling all losses associated with infrastructure project claims.
 Our ability to develop succinct and practical report formats to assist with delays in start-up or advanced losses of profit potential is well regarded. We have been engaged on many occasions in the role of expert witness to produce reports on quantum as well as causation.

Marine and Rail

YDR’s marine surveyors have expertise in general freight, project cargo, hull and associated machinery, land based equipment, recoveries, salvage and nautical surveys.

Some of the claims we have handled include:

  • Sea voyage – heat contaminated wine
  • Inland/ Rail – train derailment of perishable and other general freight
  • Sea voyage – impact damage to defence jet engine testing equipment

Body Corporate

YDR is experienced in all forms of commercial and residential strata title and community corporation property claims.

Some of our claims examples include:

  • flooding of multiple units
  • major fire damage to multi-storey buildings involving multi-tenancy

Professional Indemnity

YDR is experienced in investigating and reporting professional indemnity claims for medical professionals, financial advisors, surveyors, brokers, solicitors, architects and engineers.

We have seen significant growth in instructions from the professional risks sector, who see the benefit of engaging suitably qualified loss adjusters with the experience to undertake factual enquiries into alleged breaches of professional duty.

Machinery & Equipment

YDR’s team of engineers is experienced in all types of plant and equipment claims and have the skills to discuss the intricacies of matters such as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) impacts on a claim.

Our claim examples include:

  • the overload of a 50 tonne crane
  • impact damage to a 200 tonne crane
  • machinery breakdown of a power turbine

Mining, Energy & Infrastructure

YDR is experienced dealing with open-cut and underground mining losses, including associated machinery and plant & machinery losses.

We also have expertise in power plant construction projects and operational incidents for all types of modern power generation technologies.

Our claim examples include:

  • a stressed cable failure in slab on ground
  • incorrect site termination for a new multi-storey building
  • incorrect civil design for an underground water main tunnel